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You say goodbye, I say hello.
Chuck//Take a shower hippie!
Except, vice versa.

I went ahead and deleted a whole bunch of people from my f-list. Either I wasn't reading you or you hadn't updated in several weeks (so I figured you had gone on to bigger and better things). Either way, there was a break in the connection, and I let you go. I deleted about fifteen people, probably the largest sweep I've ever done. I don't feel bad. You shouldn't either. But I figured I'd let you know.

EDIT: Since some seem confused. This is a public post. Everyone can see it. If you're unsure as to whether or not you "made the cut" so to speak, check your f-list (or mine, I guess) and look for me. :)

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Howdy, thanks for this post. I'm always afraid I did or said something offensive, so it's good to know it wasn't that. I'll keep reading you, or at least your public posts (if there are any), if that's ok.

I didn't realize you were reading me. If you'd like me to re-add you, I shall. I figured neither of us was reading the other and thus removed.

I do not make any pub posts.

Please do! I'm sometimes pretty silent on a lot of the blogs I read.

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