One and one and one and one don't make four.

A little help from my friends.
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When I'm bored and have a bit of time on my hands, I go through my flist and weed out people I don't read anymore. Then, I choose a random five or six of my interests and pick the people with the most interesting user pics, check out their user info, and add them.

You might think that this is a bit strange. But then again, it's likely that you ended up here the same way. Eerie.

So, hello new people. Hello everyone who made the (rather brief) cut.
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You say goodbye, I say hello.
Chuck//Take a shower hippie!
Except, vice versa.

I went ahead and deleted a whole bunch of people from my f-list. Either I wasn't reading you or you hadn't updated in several weeks (so I figured you had gone on to bigger and better things). Either way, there was a break in the connection, and I let you go. I deleted about fifteen people, probably the largest sweep I've ever done. I don't feel bad. You shouldn't either. But I figured I'd let you know.

EDIT: Since some seem confused. This is a public post. Everyone can see it. If you're unsure as to whether or not you "made the cut" so to speak, check your f-list (or mine, I guess) and look for me. :)

Friends Only
Chuck//Take a shower hippie!
This journal is friends-only. If you're interested in being added, drop me a line.


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